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Review: Figma 086 Izumi Shizuno

December 22, 2010 6 comments

In the spotlight today is the 4th Se.Kirara girl to be released, Izumi Shizuno. This time I’ll be breaking Zai’s streak of reviewing the Se.Kirara line because, well, Izumi happens to be my favorite. An awesome shade of blue hair, short skirt, and big… proportions, yes. Sadly, this will probably mark the end of our Se.Kirara reviews since we will be passing on the final girl in the series, Miyuki Mana. But let’s see how Izumi and her accessories turns out!

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Review: Figma 079 Makinami Mari Illustrious

December 14, 2010 15 comments

Mari is a great example of why I love the Figma line and I had so much fun playing around with her while I was taking review shots that I ended up with a lot more than I usually do! She was pretty much a must buy for both of us, being your typical long time Evangelion fans and all but I wasn’t really all that excited about her Figma at first. Mari is a newer character to the franchise and hasn’t had the time to grow on me as much as original cast has but yeeeah, I ended up falling for the Figma as soon as I opened her plastic blister.

Mari Illustrious Makinami Figma

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Giveaway Results: Figma 078 Aya Kagura

November 26, 2010 5 comments

Figma Aya with violin

After a week of entries, we have decided on who will be Aya’s new owner! I’m being really careful not to call this a ‘contest’ because there wasn’t really any criteria we judged on and well, the prize isn’t the greatest thing in the world, it’s a defective figma (although a very cute one with awesome accessories).

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Review: Figma 080 Nozomi Akiyama

November 22, 2010 11 comments

Poor Nozomi, I’ve had her for about a month now but have only just managed to get around to reviewing her now! Nozomi is our third girl from the Se.Kirara eroge (we already have Yu Kawamura and Aya Kagura) and I was worried I’d start to tire of the Figma from Se.Kirara considering they all have very similar uniforms and I don’t know anything about the characters themselves at all! I needn’t have worried though, I find Nozomi just as endearing as both Yu and Aya.

Figma Nozomi Akiyama

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Giveaway: Figma 078 Aya Kagura (Closed)

November 18, 2010 27 comments

Figma Aya

Closed – Winner will be announced later on this evening (AEST) in a post by Luthren then contacted for shipping details. Thank you everyone for your entries and good luck!

If you have read my Aya Kagura Figma review here, you’d know that we received our Aya with a few markings across the back of her hair and on her ribbon and also that AmiAmi were kind enough to send us a brand new Aya as a replacement!

Since we don’t have a use for two of the same Figma, we have decided to give the Figma I used in the review away!

We will cover shipping costs (including international) but please keep in mind that if you want insurance and tracking, you’ll have to pay for that yourself. We’ll be using the cheapest shipping method possible (so it’ll probably be slow!) and will not cover any customs costs (if they happen to be charged).

Please keep in mind that the Aya Figma we are giving away is used but apart from her markings, her overall condition is not bad. Please see my review for all the details on her! Aya will come with all of her accessories (the accessories themselves will be in mint condition since we’ll keep the original ones) and her box is in near mint condition.

If you want her, all you have to do is send us an email at plasticparfait[at]gmail[dot]com or leave a comment on this post and tell us why you’d like to have Aya! We’ll announce who gets her in a week or so!

Review: Figma SP 013 Dead Master

October 26, 2010 15 comments

Figma Dead Master was one of those Figma that I wasn’t all that excited about. I thought her promo shots looked lovely and all (I wouldn’t have ordered her otherwise) but they didn’t blow me away like the Blackā˜…Rock Shooter Figma ones did. Now that I have her, I definitely feel differently about her! Some figures I need to see with my own eyes to really appreciate them and I feel this Figma is one of them. Thankfully, Dead Master didn’t break on me while I was taking review shots of her like my Black Rock Shooter did!

Please click on the photos for a larger image!

figma Dead master and skulls


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Review: Figma 039 Signum

October 12, 2010 9 comments

I always feel a little awkward reviewing a figure of a character from a series that I’m not familiar with, especially a popular anime like Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha. I have to confess that I don’t like the magical girl genre at all and have no plans to watch anything from the series. I also didn’t really have any idea what the Signum Figma came with or even looked like until after I purchased her from a recent Hobby Search restock! Before I start making myself feel guilty for having this rarer and somewhat pricey Figma, it was infact my boyfriend that wanted it and I’ve ended up doing the review since he’s busy building model kits at the moment. I apologize in advance to Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha and Signum fans for any mistakes I make regarding Signum’s character! So let’s see how I go..

Figma Signum with bow

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