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Review: Black Rock Shooter Animation Ver. by Good Smile Company

December 8, 2010 8 comments

Black Rock Shooter Title

One of the year’s most anticipated figures. THE Black Rock Shooter figure. Sorry Original and Black Blade, you guys had boring poses. The chains, the motion, that gun! Awesome! But wait. Missing star? Hair breakages galore? MG grade assembly skills needed? What’s going on?

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Review: Dead Master (Original Version) by Good Smile Company

December 7, 2010 10 comments

It seems like many years ago when I first laid my eyes on the prototype of this figure! It was back when my other half and I were getting into figure collecting and one of the very first figures that I really REALLY wanted. I was actually quite worried about how she’d end up like after hearing many reports of Good Smile Company’s questionable quality control lately and started to think that we’d end up with some deeply flawed monstrosity of a figure while she was shipped out to us! Since I had been looking forward to her and wanting her so much for so long, I would have been disappointed with anything less than a near perfect figure so let’s see how Dead Master holds up agaisnt my almost unreasonable expectations..

Oh, and please click on the photos if you’d like to see them at full scale!

Dead Master Orig ver by Good Smile Company

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Review: Figma SP 013 Dead Master

October 26, 2010 15 comments

Figma Dead Master was one of those Figma that I wasn’t all that excited about. I thought her promo shots looked lovely and all (I wouldn’t have ordered her otherwise) but they didn’t blow me away like the Black★Rock Shooter Figma ones did. Now that I have her, I definitely feel differently about her! Some figures I need to see with my own eyes to really appreciate them and I feel this Figma is one of them. Thankfully, Dead Master didn’t break on me while I was taking review shots of her like my Black Rock Shooter did!

Please click on the photos for a larger image!

figma Dead master and skulls


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Review: Figma SP 012 Black Rock Shooter

September 12, 2010 44 comments

Every night for the last couple of weeks, I’d go to sleep wishing for the post man to wake me up in the morning with a parcel for Luth and I. I was hoping it’d arrive early on in the week when I had heaps of free time but unfortunately Black★Rock Shooter arrived from Japan on Thursday so I’ve only just got around to taking a good look at her now and it was.. well, a rather interesting experience full of much joy and almost as much woe but my god, she’s gorgeous!

Please click the photos to see them at their proper size!

figma Black Rock Shooter in the original ver pose kinda

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