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News: Website Migration

December 29, 2010 10 comments

Hi! I hope that everyone is still enjoying their holidays!

We’re on Christmas break and have decided to take the time migrate to a new host so we can have some more customization for our blog! It’ll also be nice to not have to worry about using up all our Photobucket bandwidth every month. ^^;

I mostly just want to make this post to let you guys know that some of the newer comments might not make it over to our new blog. Still feel free to make comments on this blog though! We are aiming to have the new site up by the end of the year and have some cool stuff planned.

Thank you very much to all our visitors, commenters and subscribers for all your support and interest so far. Hopefully my next post will be of the new website details!

Because I don’t like to post without photos, have a random photo of Miku that I took a couple of weeks ago! 😀

Saihate Miku Petit

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News: Manifest 2010

August 22, 2010 2 comments

I’d been looking forward to the 21st of August for awhile as while both my partner (Luthren) and I have been to a couple of conventions in Melbourne since we moved here, we had never attended Manifest (Melbourne Anime Festival) so we decided to rectify that this year. We had a couple of mishaps on the way as I had go and vote that day and we didn’t realise we had forgetten our passes to the convention until we were already on the tram but we made it there eventually!

The big pull for us was, of course, the merchandise and we were pleasantly surprised, the trader’s hall was a good deal more full than we expected and there wasn’t a bootleg in sight!


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News: AmiAmi product price additional 15% off and new SAL parcel service.

June 16, 2010 Leave a comment

Japanese based online figure store AmiAmi have recently announced that they will be offering  SAL parcel as a shipping option and as a special introductory offer they are offering 15% off all of their items! They also note that it’s off the AmiAmi sale price, not the retail price (eds note: for items that are already the mind-blowing 25% off, that comes out to a whopping %40 off!). The sale runs from the 15th to the 30th of June and covers any international orders (the sale doesn’t cover domestic orders) that are instock during this period, including preorders and backordered items that come into stock during this time frame but they note that delayed items won’t be covered by the sale. (eds note: If you were eyeing that Figma, nendoroid, or any other small figure thats eligible for unregistered SAL small packet, this is the best deal of the three. Hopefully they haven’t started charging handling fees for SAL again, I can’t find anything on the site about that. I was on the fence about getting Figma Saber Alter, and this just pushed me over the edge, lol)

While 15% doesn’t seem like much compared to HLJ‘s recent free EMS shipping campaign (which lasted a grand total of  2 days) or Hobby Search‘s PayPal 50% off shipping campaign, AmiAmi’s already cheap prices definitely make it worth checking out!

More info on the sale here!

As for them introducing SAL Parcel.. previously, if your order was too big to fit into the Small SAL Packet, you’d have to pay a small fortune to get it shipped via EMS.. which is a lot faster but much more expensive than SAL. I find the Small SAL Packet rather limiting and the majority of our orders have to be upgraded to EMS (even just single figures sometimes!) so I was really excited, well, that is until I seen the price difference which really isn’t all that great. You’d only be saving a few dollars but receive your parcel slower. I really do think it’d pay off if you tend to order very large and heavy orders though so it’s worth looking into if you do this! (eds note: If you got a 2kg package to Oceania via SAL parcel vs EMS, you would only save 150 yen. But if you had a 10kg package, you would save 1450 yen. Then again, this is not taking into account bulk)
Click here and scroll down for pricing comparison.

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