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Review: Nendoroid Petit Angel Beats! Set 02

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I hope everybody is enjoying the holiday season!

Today I’m looking at Good Smile Company’s Angel Beats! Nendoroid Petits Set 02 and while I was very happy with Set 01 (which I reviewed here), I was looking forward to this set just a little more since all 3 characters in the set are favourites of mine from the anime series. Good Smile Company even threw in a little last minute surprise!

Nendoroid petit set 02

Set 02 contains Yui, Tachibana Kanade (aka Tenshi) and Otonashi, three central characters from the popular Angel Beats! animation. If you would like to know more about the show and other related Angel Beats projects, check out the Angel Beats Wikipedia article or the Angel Beats Wiki. I’m writing this just a few hours after watching the special (loved iiit) and I’m happier than ever to have these little guys sitting on my desk!

Time for a little copy and paste from my set 01 review, apologies!
As with set 01, we preordered these from AmiAmi from 1660 yen which is around 16% off the retail price of 2000 yen. They were manufactured by Good Smile Company and were released late November of this year. Good Smile Company also released Petits of both Yuri (who is found in Set 01) and Kanade which were exclusive to Volume 6 and Volume 8 of Dengeki Gā€™s magazine which both came out earlier this year. As far as I can tell from the photos of these exculsives, they are exactly the same as the standard release versions without the extras.

Nendoroid petit set 02

I’ll start out with Yui, the hyperactive fangirl and later member of the Girls Dead Monster band. I love her over the top character design and they have included it all in her Nendoroid Petit form, right down to the little black devil tail and wings on her back. I also love that they included her guitar as well as making the hand that grips the guitar and the hand that holds the pick detachable so you can pose other Petits with it!

Nendoroid petit set 02

Yui comes with a set of straight arms so you don’t have to pose her with the guitar all the time. Her bent leg can be moved around a little for even more posing options and her pigtails can also be moved back and forth.

Nendoroid petit set 02

Petit Yui’s stand can either be attached to the peg hole in the back of her hair or up under her hair, into the peg hole found on her back. Sadly, her mass of hair hides her little wings and tail from a lot of angles.

Nendoroid petit set 02

The facial expression that they have given Yui is pretty typical of her character although I wish they’d included her fangs! I feel she’s not quite Yui-nyan without them, haha.

Nendoroid petit set 02

A disassembled Yui! You can actually see the little wings and her tail here. All of her hands are detachable and can be taken off but I’ve kept them on in fear of losing them!

Nendoroid petit set 02

Sweet, sweet Tachibana Kanade.. my favourite character from the series! Kanade is the student council president at the school and is also know as Tenshi. As you can see from the above picture, GSC added in some wings for her! These wings weren’t shown in any of the promo shots so it was a lovely surprise! The wings are really easy to exchange with other Nendoroid Petits, they simply plug into the pegholes on the the backs of Petits.. this means you can’t use that peg hole to put the stand into though. Kanade comes 4 arms with 2 of them featuring her “hand sonic” blades.

Nendoroid petit set 02

Kanade is the only Petit in this set to have an alternate facial expression included. I personally prefer the one in the photo above this one but the alternative isn’t too bad. I can’t really see myself using it though.. she looks a little downcast!

Nendoroid petit set 02

Kanade’s ponytail can be moved to the side to reveal a peg hole and you’ll need to plug her stand into here if you want to display her with her wings on as the wings will take up the peg hole found in her back under her hair.

Nendoroid petit set 02

D’awww.. she’s so damn cute! I would have bought this set just for Kanade, I think! Her paint work seems a little sloppy up close although I guess it’s to be expected for something of her price and scale.

Nendoroid petit set 02

I feel bad for ripping her apart but.. here she is. I’m so sorry, Kanade..

Nendoroid petit set 02

Here we have Otonashi, the protagonist of Angel Beats! who awoke at the start of the series with no memory of past events. It’s always good to have another male character in our collection, even if he does look a little uh.. boring. He carries what Wikipedia says is a Glock 17 gun in the anime and it has been included with his Nendo Petit. I like that it seems like his other hand is going into the pocket of his blazer!

Nendoroid petit set 02

Otonashi can never let go of his gun.. GSC haven’t included an extra arm to replace his gun holding arm with but the hand holding onto the gun is detachable so if you have any other Petits, you can interchange the hands if you wish. He does, however, come with an alternative arm for the other side of his body.

Nendoroid petit set 02

His facial expression is a bit serious business and boring but it’s Otonashi so I’ll forgive him. I would have liked a different expression to have been included though.

Nendoroid petit set 02

Compared to the girls, he doesn’t come with many parts! All 3 of our male Nendo Petits are like this though so I can’t really complain too much. The peg in his neck is not supposed to be attached to his head like that and needs to be glued back in properly. This happened to my Yuri Petit in set 01 too.

Nendoroid petit set 02 box

The box set 02 comes in is in line with the set 01 box.. ‘cept it’s yellow and purple.

Like the previous set, the quality of these little Petits is fantastic considering their tiny scale and the paintwork is nice and vibrant. I’d recommend them to fans of the series or even to people looking for cute, cheap anime merchandise. My favourite out of the two sets so far is of course Kanade but they’re all really lovely! I haven’t heard anything about a set 03 being released as of yet but there are still a lot of characters I’d like to see such as Hinata, Iwasawa, Naoi and TK. I kinda wish GSC would have just released a box of 12 characters like they do with some Nendoroid Petit sets, Angel Beats has more than enough characters for that!

This set can be purchased from AmiAmi for 1660 yen (16% off) and at Hobby Search for 1700 yen (15% off) as of writing!

As usual, I’ll finish up with photo spam of me messing around with the figures after I finished taking review shots. Thank you very much for reading!

Nendoroid petit set 02

Angel Beats Petits extra shots Angel Beats Petits extra shots

Angel Beats Petits extra shots Angel Beats Petits extra shots

Nendoroid petit set 02

  1. R. L.
    December 23, 2010 at 11:05 pm

    I like using the happy peaceful expression more, because I can’t stand the thought of Kanade being sad!!! šŸ™‚ The neck joint on my Kanade is being a little weird though, and I think Yui fits WAY better onto the stand by using the hole in her hair, but that might just be me! Awesome review, by the way! I’m getting the Black Rock Shooter Figma because of your other review. IT TAKES FOREVER TO COME!

    • Zai
      December 24, 2010 at 12:13 am

      I didn’t have any trouble with Yui’s stand but I’m always having trouble with the stands on our Vocaloid Petit set, stands that don’t fit properly are so damn annoying!

      The neck joint on my Kanade was kinda weird too! It fit on after playing around with it for a bit though.. I thought it was just me not being able to get it on properly, hehe.

      I’m glad you like the review! I hope your BRS Figma arrives safely soon, I get so impatient waiting for packages and it seems the more eager I am for a figure, the longer it takes to get here!

      Have a fantastic Christmas. šŸ˜€

  2. December 26, 2010 at 2:03 pm

    Hi and merry remaining christmas holidays.

    Ah you received new little stinkies šŸ˜€
    Well I share your passion about petit nendoroids I have 6 of these cute ones.
    the Angel Beats special was really crazy, I didn’t really understood what they were doing the whole time XD

    I like Yui the most, her petit nendoroid looks very nice,all these small details like the belts at the twintails and the fishnet stockings, etc.
    a fang in her mouth would have been great, though.
    I hope GSC will make a 1/8 scaled figure out of her,soon.

    Kanade looks also nice, even when I must admit that the two face expressions don’t look very different to me.
    In comparison Otonashi didn’t get much love from GSC they could’ve given him a second right arm at least ;(

    Nice special pics, it’s funny what you did with Kaito XD

    • Zai
      December 28, 2010 at 3:18 am

      Thank you, Fabienne. I hope you had a fantastic Christmas! šŸ˜€

      Yup yup, our precious little stinkies! xD
      They’re a little bit addictive.. need to think of a good way to display them because my desk is getting overcrowded with them, lol.
      The special was so silly and Kanade was so adorable at the end!

      Yeah! A 1/8 scale Yui would be amazing! I really love the GSC Kanade but have resisted preordering so far.

      Mmm, no right arm for Otonashi. At least they included the poor guy, hehe.

      My original aim with Kaito was to just put his head on Otonashi’s body so he’d look like Hinata. Who’d have thought he’d be able to work fishnets quite like that? xD

  1. December 26, 2010 at 7:09 am

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