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Review: Figma 086 Izumi Shizuno

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In the spotlight today is the 4th Se.Kirara girl to be released, Izumi Shizuno. This time I’ll be breaking Zai’s streak of reviewing the Se.Kirara line because, well, Izumi happens to be my favorite. An awesome shade of blue hair, short skirt, and big… proportions, yes. Sadly, this will probably mark the end of our Se.Kirara reviews since we will be passing on the final girl in the series, Miyuki Mana. But let’s see how Izumi and her accessories turns out!

Izumi joins the se.kirara squad

For an explanation of the Se.Kirara visual novel and its figures see our Yu Kawamura review. As far as I can gather about Izumi’s character in the visual novel, she is the main character’s childhood friend along with Yu and is the typical ‘big sister’. The reason her outfit is different from the other Se.Kirara girls is she is in a higher grade and the school has recently changed uniforms to the ones the other girls are wearing while Izumi and her classmates are stuck with the ‘old’ (my opinion, better) uniform. She is also captain of the swim team and she dabbles in the occult. As you can tell from the Figmas, she is easily the tallest of all the girls, in fact, she is taller than all of our Figmas (even Kyon and Rider!) with the exception of Itsuki. She practically dwarfs poor Nozomi there.

Izumi leaping into action!

Thanks to her short skirt and non-restrictive uniform, Izumi is quite flexible. Not as flexible as Mari but comparable to Waitress Mikuru. Only her hair length really restricts her head movement. Quite surprising considering the other Se.Kirara girls are the most inflexible figmas we own.

Izumi chooses YOU

The joints are pretty well built so they’re easy to hide. The chest joint is partially hidden on the back by her uniform top and the front helps to accentuate her assets ;). She lacks some of the flair that some of the other girls have but the uniform seems to have a more mature, business-like feeling about it.

Izumi Shizuno posing Izumi's back

Izumi’s paint seems to be pretty decent and I like how they put little details in her like the pin in her tie, the slight tilt of movement in her skirt, and her thighs with that little bit of indent where the stocking starts (I swear, I only noticed that when taking pictures, ehehe). The one part where Max Factory really fell though was the boots. To be honest, they had shown it like that in the promo shots and I was hoping for a bit of a last-minute miracle since some of the other Se.Kirara girls have awesome boots but to no avail. It’s just all one ugly blue-ish grey color. If they had painted the laces black, that would have been a lot better but what can you do? Actually, perhaps I will color them black myself…

Izumi having fun vacuuming the floor

Let’s get onto the accessories, shall we? First of all is my favorite of the bunch, a vacuum! It’s quite detailed with the vacuum unit having things like a little extendable plug (although you can’t pull it out), the hose part of it is flexible plastic and the pipe is hard plastic. Unfortunately the handle on the pipe doesn’t fit securely in her hand so you need to lean it against the floor or have gravity hold it in her hand. However it’s still a fun accessory and surprisingly detailed.


The cake is not a lie!

Next up is her cake! Izumi comes with a yummy looking strawberry cake that has 2 slices cut out of it and a larger serving plate and a smaller eating plate. The cake is nicely done and I wish I could compare it to a Re-Ment but unfortunately I dont have any. The only issue I have with these is theres no forks or anything to eat the cake with!

Sleeping Izumi

Finally we have her pillow. Apparently this is known as the ‘yes/no’ pillow and there is supposed to be some deep meaning to that but not having played the game, I have no idea. The pillow is colored differently on both sides and is made of hard plastic, one side is light blue and the other is pink. The pink side has a head-shaped indentation perfect for fitting a sleeping Figma’s head. Unfortunately, due to the ribbons on the side of her head and her hair on the back, its hard to get Izumi in a decent sleeping position.

figma Izumi and her box and accessories

Izumi comes with 3 faces: a normal slightly smiling face, a winking face, and a ‘joyous’ yell closed eyes face. She comes with the standard 6 sets of hands, accompanying runner, and Figma stand. And of course the previously mentioned accessories: the vacuum, cake and dish set, and the pillow. Honestly for a Figma as big as her, this is a good deal. Although it is a character no one has heard of so you will need to decide whether she is cute and sexy enough or her accessories are awesome enough to justify your purchase. We snagged her at AmiAmi for 2360 yen or you can grab her at Hobby Search for 2590 yen.

For the other Se.Kirara reviews we’ve done:
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Izumi getting served by an out-of-this world waitressQueenie is my next to be reviewed, looking forward to it, lots of picture ideas! She makes a great waitress

Eating cake the right way

  1. December 22, 2010 at 2:49 pm

    Ah Izumi *heart*

    together with Nozomi Akiyama and Aya Kagura, Izumi is one of my favorite sekirara figma,her more mature look makes a very attractive figma out of her.
    She is very tall in comparison with the other girls, Izumi could nearly be Nozomis mum XD

    I always enjoy reading your figma reviews,but Im not the guy who often buys figmas
    I only owned Drossel and Konata with Kobayakwa Yutaka head so far.
    As she was announced Izumi looked so nice in the official shots so I really wanted to get her 😉

    Im glad that her haircolor looks a bit purple like in the first official shots.
    After seeing newer pictures of her I feared that her hair would turn out more blueish. In the light setting of my room its kight purple so Im really happy ;D

    As she arrived my mum get a coughing fit because of the pvc smell, so I
    had to put her into a glass with water and vanilla flavoured dish liquid.
    hehe after 2 days her strong smell was gone it worked surprisingly well.

    I also prefer Izumi’s uniform with the purple, dark blue and white color mix.
    the stuff she comes with is also really cool.

    One question can you put the whole peg of the baseholder in the hole at her back? mine doesn’t seem to fit right I can only push it around 3mm inside.
    do I have to use more brute force? I don’t want to break anything ;D

    your pictures are showing that she also can stand without the base 😉
    Alien is a very polite space monster, a very cool picture btw.
    thx for sharing

    So far I haven’t played much with her but maybe I’ll review her next year
    if I can manage to pose her in a satisfying way XD

    • December 23, 2010 at 8:12 am

      Hahaha, Izumi as Nozomi’s mum, that’d be hilarious! Makes me want to get adult Mikuru.
      I noticed that you don’t get many figmas so I was surprised when you were so excited about Izumi. Am looking forward to your shoot!
      I know what you mean about the purplish hair, I actually did like both shades so it was a win win for me. And mmm, vanilla smelling figma, sounds delicious.
      Yes, the peg does go fully into her hole for ours. Honestly, it doesn’t need to go all the way in to hold it, one of our first figmas, Battle Waitress Mikuru, doesn’t have a peg that goes all the way in and I can put her into all the crazy poses I want fine. If it bothers you, you can try soaking Izumi in warm water. If you try to force it and the peg gets stuck inside the figma, it will be very very hard to get out.
      Yes, she is an easy to balance figma. I LOVE Queenie, cannot wait to snap lots of photos of her. And YES, I am looking forward to your pictures of Izumi

      • December 23, 2010 at 4:05 pm

        Ah thank you for the hint I will try to push the peg a bit more again 😉

        Im a bit surprised that you two won’t get Miyuki Mana, her doubtful face is priceless imo;D

        I wish you nice christmas holidays.
        see you Zai and luthren 😉

  2. Zai
    December 23, 2010 at 12:06 am

    I just realised that you used our Shamwow cloth as her blanket, hahaha.
    I still can’t get over how tall she is! She really towers over all of our other Figma, it looks a bit strange.
    My favourite accessories are her vacuum cleaner and her cake.. must admit that I’m gonna miss getting the cool accessories that come with the Se.Kirara girls.

    • December 23, 2010 at 8:15 am

      I was looking around the flat for something I could use and that was the first thing that came into sight. Its nice to have a figma that isn’t the same size as all the others for once.
      Haha, vacuum cleaner + Mari = I LOVE VACUUMING

      • Zai
        December 23, 2010 at 11:56 am

        I actually hate vacumming but I really love ducks. 🙂

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