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Photo Fun: Rider’s Ride

July 26, 2010 16 comments

We’ve been hit by a few delays with some of our figure orders this month so things have been pretty quiet around here.. so I decided to have a bit of fun with my Rider Figma that I reviewed earlier and a 1/12 kit motorbike we picked up at a department store near us.

I believe we spent a grand total of $13 AUD on the bike and it only took about half an hour to put together so we didn’t expect much.. but it actually turned out rather nice! Rider sits on it nicely and her hands fit the handlebars on the bike really well. I think the only problem with it is that her feet won’t sit on the foot pedals without looking rather awkward.

Anyway, onto the photos!


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Review: Figma 072 Saber Alter by Zai

July 17, 2010 9 comments

Our second Saber figure arrived with our last parcel.. except this time she’s in a different, darker form know as Saber Alter from the Fate/stay night franchise. She has apparently been consumed by darkness and serves as Sakura’s servant in this form. If you’d like to know more about the character, check out the wikia. If you have read my Rider review, you’ll know that I’m not all that into the franchise but love the characters from it!

We decided to get this Figma when Amiami had their 15% off campaign going on but unfortunately she was delayed so we missed out om the deal and ended up paying 2,080 yen for her..which was still 20% off her retail price so we couldn’t be unhappy with that! I personally love this version of Saber and was delighted to have a Figma to go with Rider. While she’s lovely to look at, she has her issues so onto the review!

Saber Alter

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Review: Hyakka Ryoran: Samurai Girls Senhime by Zai

July 14, 2010 16 comments

Today I’ll be looking at a figure that was delivered just yesterday, Hobby Japan + Alter’s Senhime from the Hyakka Ryoran: Samurai Girls franchise which I believe is a novel and soon to be anime series.  The anime trailer looks quite stylish and I’ll be checking it out on release but as it’s full of panty shots and uhh.. exploding clothes, it’s probably NSFW. Here’s a link if you’re interested!

Senhime is the 4th of the Hyakka Ryoran girls that have recieved the PVC treatment by Alter and she’s the first we managed to get our hands on. We placed a preorder over at Amiami a couple of months ago for her after seeing her lovely promo shots and she was one of my most anticipated figures as she’s our very first Alter figure and I’d heard nothing but great things about the quality of their work.

After freeing her from her box, I pretty much started snapping photos of her straight away so read on to see the results of what happens when I madly snap photos while still half asleep.


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Review: Max Factory’s Hatsune Miku VN02 Mix by Luthren

July 10, 2010 21 comments

Miku Hatsune VN02 Mix Header

Today I will be looking at one of this year’s most highly anticipated figures, the 1/8 Hatsune Miku VN02 Mix by Max Factory. Of course, everyone already knows who Hatsune Miku is, but what is this older, bustier, sci-fier version? Slightly complicated story, but it starts off with one of Miku’s more popular songs, Moon.
Youtube video
And then, someone known as Iroha remixed it into an even more AWESOME song, the VN02 remix

And then, an illustrator known as Nagimisu made an awesome illustration inspired by the remixed song
Clicky to see pic
Kinda funny how that came out, eh?

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Loot: June 2010

July 5, 2010 Leave a comment


We thought June would be a fairly quiet month but we ended up getting quite a bit of stuff!

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Photo Fun: Mecha Mikuru

July 3, 2010 Leave a comment

While impatiently waiting for VN02 Miku and her awesome mecha-ness, I thought it would be cool to try and combine my Gundam kits with my Figmas to make wicked looking mecha girls, much like Danny Choo did here. So I grabbed my favorite Figma, Battle Waitress Mikuru, and my favorite 1/144 Gundam, Unicorn Gundam, a whole bunch of Blu-Tack, and combined them together to make an explosion of AWESOMENESS. Read more…

Flash Review: Yuki Nagato Gekisou ver. by Zai

July 1, 2010 1 comment

Another figure review of a character from The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya from me? That’s right, today I’ll be taking a quick look at the much loved Yuki Nagato, Gekisou version. As with the Mikuru Gekisou version I looked at earlier, she’s a 1/8 from Max Factory and part of the Gekisou set of three. She was released mid 2009 and while she’s a popular figure and shouldn’t be hard to find if you really wish to purchase her, she won’t be cheap and you’d be very lucky to find her for under $100. So is she worth the price tag she comes with these days? Let’s see some pictures first!


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