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Review: Gift Saber by Luthren

June 26, 2010 1 comment


Today’s review is the lovely Saber by Gift from the super ultra popular franchise Fate/Stay Night and was originally released in January of 2009. I’ve only seen the anime and personally it was a bit eh but I am a fan of the character designs, especially Saber. It was a matter of time until we got a figure of her and when this beauty popped up on Mandarake for the super low price of 2800 yen, I clicked on that buy button in a flash. The ridiculous thing is that shipping was more expensive than the figure itself (3200 yen) T_T. While Saber Lily is my favorite incarnation of Saber, this is probably one of my favorite figure renditions of her normal costume. And this was Gift’s very first release too. Bravo Gift!

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Flash Review: Mikuru Asahina Gekisou ver. by Zai

June 22, 2010 4 comments

Today we have decided to add a new category for reviews called Flash Reviews! They won’t cover as much detail as our normal reviews but they will probably include just as much pictures because, well.. we love to take photos! We’ll use these for older, popular figures that probably have a ton of reviews anyway.

I’ll start off with an older figure of Mikuru Asahina from The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, Gekisou version. She’s a 1/8 from Max Factory and we got her as part of the set of the three main girls from the series (Haruhi, Yuki and Mikuru herself). We were really lucky with this one, we managed to pick up the whole set for around 250 AUD (around 210 USD) in mint condition a few months ago! You can still pick up this Mikuru for a reasonable price on websites like eBay for just under $100.

Anyway, onto the photos! As always, click on the pictures for a better view.


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News: AmiAmi product price additional 15% off and new SAL parcel service.

June 16, 2010 Leave a comment

Japanese based online figure store AmiAmi have recently announced that they will be offering  SAL parcel as a shipping option and as a special introductory offer they are offering 15% off all of their items! They also note that it’s off the AmiAmi sale price, not the retail price (eds note: for items that are already the mind-blowing 25% off, that comes out to a whopping %40 off!). The sale runs from the 15th to the 30th of June and covers any international orders (the sale doesn’t cover domestic orders) that are instock during this period, including preorders and backordered items that come into stock during this time frame but they note that delayed items won’t be covered by the sale. (eds note: If you were eyeing that Figma, nendoroid, or any other small figure thats eligible for unregistered SAL small packet, this is the best deal of the three. Hopefully they haven’t started charging handling fees for SAL again, I can’t find anything on the site about that. I was on the fence about getting Figma Saber Alter, and this just pushed me over the edge, lol)

While 15% doesn’t seem like much compared to HLJ‘s recent free EMS shipping campaign (which lasted a grand total of  2 days) or Hobby Search‘s PayPal 50% off shipping campaign, AmiAmi’s already cheap prices definitely make it worth checking out!

More info on the sale here!

As for them introducing SAL Parcel.. previously, if your order was too big to fit into the Small SAL Packet, you’d have to pay a small fortune to get it shipped via EMS.. which is a lot faster but much more expensive than SAL. I find the Small SAL Packet rather limiting and the majority of our orders have to be upgraded to EMS (even just single figures sometimes!) so I was really excited, well, that is until I seen the price difference which really isn’t all that great. You’d only be saving a few dollars but receive your parcel slower. I really do think it’d pay off if you tend to order very large and heavy orders though so it’s worth looking into if you do this! (eds note: If you got a 2kg package to Oceania via SAL parcel vs EMS, you would only save 150 yen. But if you had a 10kg package, you would save 1450 yen. Then again, this is not taking into account bulk)
Click here and scroll down for pricing comparison.

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Review: Figma 069 Rider by Zai

June 12, 2010 5 comments

(Update Aug 18th: A week ago, one of Rider’s hair pieces finally snapped off but with some careful superglueing (being VERY careful to not get any in the hair joint), it was an easy fix)

Annnnd here we go with the action figures again but this time it’s a newly released one, Rider from the Fate/stay night franchise. I’ve actually only seen a few episodes of the anime and haven’t touched any of the games or the visual novel but I LOVE the character designs for the series with ever popular Saber and Rider being my favourites. (Editors add:) In the story, Rider is the Servant of Shinji Mato in the War of the Holy Grail. She is a ruthless and cunning warrior with a tragic past. Due to Shinji’s weak mana reserves, she employs covert tactics and trickery to fight. Later in the story, her true identity and the reason for her namesake are revealed, but don’t worry, I wont ruin it for you guys.

The figma Rider preorders were all sold out by the time we got into figure collecting so we watched closely to see if any would open up again and in an incredible stroke of luck, we managed to grab one of the few HLJ put up on her release for 2,857 yen and yes, there was much rejoicing that day. Figma Rider is listed as discontinued on the majority of the online stores we usually frequent and I really hope she gets a rerelease for those who missed her although I have seen her around on ebay for about double her retail price.

figma Rider coming to get you

Please click on the photos for a larger image!
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Review: Figma 037 Tsuruya-san Culture Festival Maid ver

June 12, 2010 3 comments
Culture Festival Tsuruya serving lunch

Lunch is served, time to eat!

Time for yet another Figma review! Today we will be looking at Tsuruya from the anime The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya. Tsuruya is a side character from the series; as Mikuru’s classmate and friend, she is an unofficial member for the SOS Brigade and occasionally gets pulled into some of their activities. She’s a very spirited and cheerful character, often bent over laughing at anything she finds funny, which happens to be most things. There was a previous Figma released of her in her normal school outfit as well. But today’s version is from the episode, Live Alive, where North High is holding their Culture Festival. Tsuruya and Mikuru’s class is doing a yakisoba cafe wearing special maid outfits that is a huge success, mostly due to the very appealing uniforms.

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Review: Revoltech Yamaguchi No.081 Full Metal Panic! ARX-7 Arbalest by Zai

June 8, 2010 Leave a comment

Since we’re waiting on a lot of new orders and shipments to arrive, I thought we’d take a quick look at one of our older action figures. A word in advance, I haven’t done a lot of detail shots because this action figure was hard to work with so when I say a quick look, I really mean it!

This is actually the guy that make us take our first online adventure to AmiAmi so I guess you could blame him for our rather expensive new hobby. The ARX-7 Arbalest is piloted by Sousuke Sagara who is the main character from a favourite anime of mine, Full Metal Panic! I had seen the ARX-8 Laevatein at a convention and while it looks rather awesome, I decided that wanted the ARX-7 as I haven’t read any of the novels and I’m not familiar with the ARX-8 so online we went and found it in stock at AmiAmi for a cheap 1,670 yen. Considering the amount of accessories he comes with, I was extremely happy with that price!

Now for some photos of him. Please click on them for a larger version!


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Review: Figma 015 Yuki Nagato Evil Witch Version by Zai

June 1, 2010 10 comments

Max Factory’s Evil Witch version of The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya’s Yuki Nagato is a Figma that I’ve wanted to get my hands on ever since I first saw it. Yuki is a favourite of mine and she looks so incredibly adorable in her witch outfit and the sheer amount of accessories that this Figma comes with is amazing (ed note: I think she might even have the MOST accessories of any figma to date). Of course she’d have to be an older Figma, from 2008 infact.. and still highly sought after so when we found her listed on Mandarake for a cool 4000 yen plus around 2500 shipping and handling yen, we snapped her up instantly! She was absolutely worth it in my eyes!

Witch Yuki

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